School updates

Some months back, when I had a parent teacher meet, the teacher had given me a feedback that G needs a lot of push in all his activities and it’s always C who needs to give him a push. It was unbelievable for me as it’s the opposite at home. I asked her to just give him some time to get adjusted to the school.
Today when I met her, she had a completely different feedback to give me.. He is more independent, helpful, talkative, active… Just the way I want him to be.. Guess he just needed some time..
Another point is that the daycare mentor complains that I send in more food than they can consume. Of course not! When all the boxes come back empty, that means it’s consumed by the kids. What’s more to complain? But the mentor feels that the kids stuff themselves just because I have sent them the food. I’m really not sure about this. I just feel that in case they don’t like a particular food, then let them have an alternative and not stay hungry. Anyways, let’s reduce one box each. 😉

What went into the dabbas today?
Noodles and jamoon for breakfast
Lemon rice and curd rice for lunch
Cocos and mango juice for evening.


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